At PUC series we couldn’t be any prouder of Adam Ondra, one of our ambassadors and one of the longest running PUCTraining trainees.

In an exciting final, Adam won the Rock Masters Duel 2016 competition against Jakob Schubert. See the video here

As if that wasn’t enough, Adam battled it out to the end, winning the Rock MasterBoulder KO competition as well! 

The day before Adam went to Semi-finals and in an extremely close race, placed 5th in the IFSC World Cup Lead competition.

Adam was also nominated for the 2016 La Sportiva Competition Award, though we congratulate Mina Marcovic for her win. Great job! 

Our ambassadors just keep making news and doing great things in the climbing world. We are so proud of them! 
All images © Giulio Malfer courtesy of Rock Master Festival website.

Dani Andrada Arco Rock Legend 2016
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