Yesterday exactly 7 years had passed from the day of my car accident on June 8, 2010. At that time I didn’t realize what had happened but once I had to retire from competitive climbing I never imagined that I would end up back where I am now. 

Recently the first part of Back To the Top was released. In that first part of the video I opened up quite a bit about my feelings and separation from climbing since my accident. I talked about how I “got my groove back” and now part 2 has been finished. Watch it here! 

If you know anything about the last few months for me, you’ve probably already heard that I sent Papichulo, a 9a+ route in Oliana. The images in this video were taken just before the send, showing the fight, how I dabble around on neighboring routes, and my thoughts after sending. Part 2 is shorter as this journey of training to become – not what I was before,  but a new sort of climber – has just begun. One can only hope that the fall and winter are full of accomplished projects but honestly, this game has to be taken one day at a time. You never know what hand you’re going to be dealt. I learned that the hard way. 

Never give up!

For a more in depth look at my personal story, I encourage you to check out the article recently released Kiss the Mountain magazine

Read it here!

Page 30-46 (article in Spanish but tons of stunning images from Javi Pec for non-Spanish speakers)

(All images above are samples from the article in Kiss the Mountain, taken by Javi Pec.)

Bon Combat, my latest battle
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