A few weeks ago I started working on a new project. At first I believed it to be far too difficult but after working it a bit, I’m excited to see that I’m able to pull off the moves. I’ll just have to wait until cooler conditions to try again.

The full video of Patxi Usobiaga and Chris Sharma making links in La Cova de l’Ocell is available on the Sharma YouTube channel

It was a pleasure to be able to work the line alongside the man who sent it. Chris has is own new project that he has bolted next to Bon Combat. In the video he challenges a couple of the world’s strongest to come and give it a try with him. It will be great to see this futuristic line be sent one day.

Personally, I am not just a climber, though. A great part of my passion and life now is coaching other climbers. From your average 7a climber to competitors in the circuit and professional climbers, training others has become my life.

Sasha DiGiulian gives her take on her experience training and climbing with me and tells a bit of my story in her latest post in Outside Magazine. Be sure to check it out!

I’m currently on my annual break from climbing. Here is a shot from Tell Pec a couple of weeks ago in Sadernes.

Also, in just a few tries I was able to send Blankita 8c+ in Orellana. It felt great to send something, despite the heat! 

Both photos: François Lebeau

Long video & trailer: Ricardo Giancola

Images from Sadernes, Oliana, & Good Fight teaser: Tell Pec

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