A video has just been released bySinging Rock capturing Carlos Logroño’s assent of The Free Son (8c), an overhanging line en Rodellar, Spain.

Watch it here

Photo from Ambassador Tell Pec.  

Congrats, Citro! 

You can find more about Citro in this month’s edition of Scalar # scalar104

Images taken by Esteban Lahoz

In this edition of Escalar magazine you will find another article written by Ambassador Mark command about exercises to work on our weaknesses, along with an article featuring #pucseriesambassador Edu Marin on his assent of Wogue

If you haven’t seen the video of Edu yet, watch it here.

We would also like to congratulate several of our ambassadors for their outstanding performances in the recent Campeonato de España.

Ambassador Cedric Junque made his first podium in the sub16 age category for lead and AmbassadorMikel Linacisoro was named champion of the sub18 age group in lead.

Mikel also won silver in the overall boulder category! 

Great job, Mikel! 

Video of male boulder final

Video of female boulder final  

We congratulate not only the finalists but everyone who competed as well as the creative route setters, judges, and restless organizers. Spectators were particularly pleased to see a familiar face step into the climbing gym, Ambassador Dani Andrada

All official competition photos taken by Carlos Perez Photography

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