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At Puc series, we have a passion to give back to the climbing community.

 Patxi Usobiaga

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Major achievements:


  • The way to climb. 8c+ Bizi Euskaraz, Etxauri, FA World’s first 8c+ on sight 2007
  • 8c/+ Home Sweet Home, Pierrot Beach 2008
  • 8c Gaua, Lezaia 2005
  • 8c Pata Negra, Rodellar 2006
  • 8c Mosca Cullonera, Montsant, FA 2007
  • 8c Omerta, Urnersee 2008
  • 8c Absinth, Sparchen 2010
  • 8c Fish Eye, Oliana 2016
  • 8b+ Gorilas en la Niebla, Oliana 2016


  • 9a+/b Pachamama, Oliana 2017
  • 9a+ Papichulo, Oliana 2017
  • 9a+ Biographie, Ceüse 2004
  • 9a+ La Rambla, Siurana 2007
  • 9a/+ Patxitxulo, Oliana 2017
  • 9a Seta Total, Cuenca 2016
  • 9a Action Direct, Frankenjura 2008
  • 9a PuntX, Gorges du Loup 2010
  • 9a Iñi Ameriketan, Baltzola 2003
  • 9a Il Domani, Baltzola, FA 2003
  • 9a Psicoterapia, Valdegobia, FA 2004
  • 9a Esclatamasters, Perles 2007
  • 9a Novena Enmienda, Santa Linya 2007
  • 9a Fabela Pa La Enmienda, Santa Linya 2008
  • 9a Hades, Nassereith, 2nd try 2009
  • 9a Mendeku, Egino 2007
  • 9a Nice To Eat You, Pierrot Beach, 2nd try 2008
  • 9a Kinematix, Gorges du Loup 2006
  • 9a Begi Puntuan, Etxauri, FA 2006
  • 9a Faxismoaren Txontxongiloak, Etxauri, FA 2007
  • 9a Fuck The System, Santa Linya, FA 2007
  • 9a Celedón, LA olla de la Leze, 2014
  • 8c+/9a 4×4, Atxeko koba, Atxarte , 2015.

During more than 15 years competing I have fulfilled various dreams. At the beginning my objectives were the spanish national comps, then the European Youth Championship, then the World Cup… One after another, I won all of them, and in 2009 I finally won what was left, the World Championship, putting an end to the dream of winning all the competitions (including Masters) in the international circuit. Here you can see a list with the results of all the lead climbing competitions I have taken part in during the last years. 1997 European youthA overall champion 2003-2005-2007 2.nd World Championship 2005 World games champion 2008 European Champion 2006-2007 Overall World Cup champion 2009 world Champion 2005-2006 Serre Chavalier champion 2008 Arco Rock master Champion.

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