On October 8, 2011, I announced my retirement from climbing at a professional level to the world. After 21 years of climbing and eight years dedicated body, mind, and soul to competing, I decided that I needed to stop and reflect on all that had happened during that time. They were incredible years full of both good and bad experiences, lessons learned, and life-changing moments that inevitably determined who I was and most importantly, who I am today – not just as a climber but in all aspects of life.


Overcoming my limits in competition, in tiring training sessions, and on the rock made me understand that life had a meaning that goes beyond material things. Climbing, as I understand it, is not about grades, numbers, and letters nor is it about records and trophies. Climbing is a challenge, a personal obligation to fight against your fears and weaknesses in the search for happiness. This happiness can only be found after having struggled and fought along the path towards achieving our goals and objectives. Climbing helped me to both lose a part of myself and find another.


Time went by and I felt the need to return to the climbing world and share what those preconceived limits had taught me. How does one achieve seemingly impossible goals? How can one understand that YES, something is possible. This is how PUC Series began. At the beginning it started out as a small idea, one that couldn’t even be whispered. Soon it seemed to make sense and take shape – as if there was some sort of light guiding me along a path – and afterwards it began to snowball into what it has become today. Looking back, I can be proud of the magnitude of this project.


The mission of PUC Series is to share what I have learned and help other climbers in all aspects of climbing. I desire to help you to climb more, climb better, optimize your training routine and provide you with the best material. PUC Series focuses completely on quality with only one goal in mind: your happiness! As climbers we are happy when we send projects, when we feel stronger, when we see gains and improvements, and when we are genuinely having fun on both the rock and in the climbing gym.

I long to give back to the climbing community. PUC Series does this by concentrating on a holistic approach, providing you with motivational slideshows, educational workshops and masterclasses, efficient training programs, effective campus holds, convenient campus and hang boards, as well as several other products specifically designed to help you get the most out of climbing. I wholeheartedly believe in PUC Series and am completely committed to sharing all that it has to offer with you.
We are the writers of our own destiny. Write yours with PUC Series.

-Patxi Usobiaga