Training workshop designed for climbers who want to learn and train with Patxi Usobiaga.

It is a practical theoretical workshop that lasts 20 hours. The different training cycles will be implemented.

If you want more information and want to hold a Workshop in your climbing wall, club, ask for information at :

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PUCtraining is based on A-T-R, Accumulation, Transformation and Realization. In this Puctraining workshop we will practice the three cycles, feeling and analyzing the intensities of each cycle and the needs of each climber.

Puctraining workshop may be taught in climbing walls (boulders) that have minimally the following facilities:

  • Campus board
  • Training table
  • Panel with crashes between 45 degrees-15 degrees
  • TRX

The workshop is aimed at climbers of all levels, which is important to decide if you want to focus on the difficulty or bouldering, to optimize the training workshop.

Theoretical aspects to be treated in the PUCtraining workshop:

  • -Planning and training design
  • -Psychology
  • -Feeding

Practical Aspects

  • Drills and practice of workouts

Sharing motivation