PUC Project has been created with the intention to share our experiences with climbing communities that lack the resources necessary to evolve as climbers, namely where climbing has come come to a standstill and hasn’t developed at the same rate that it has in other parts of the world.

We tend to think that this lack of evolution is directly related to a lack of economic resources, however, this is not always the case. PUC Project doesn’t just aim to solve this issue as some economically wealthy countries are still quite poor in terms of climbing development.

The most important and decisive resources are actually a combination of factors. Apart from material resources such as climbing gear, other important actions include opening climbing sectors, building places where once can train properly, and last but certainly not least, the human factor – passing on the passion and information we have to those who most need it.

At PUC Series we have asked ourselves how we can help in this dilemma. PUC Project is the name we have given to this effort. By sharing our experiences with other climbers, we are able to give back to the climbing community, specifically to those that most need it.

Our personal experiences and knowledge of the sport are the most important and intimate resource that we can share with others. Our PUC Series Ambassadors are climbers full of important values that we feel should be shared. We aim to leave a legacy full of athletic experiences, competition, and knowledgeable training for climbing.

This is the main objective of PUC Project, to share with other climbers around the world – one step at a time – so that climbing can evolve and develop all around the globe. PUC Project goes beyond PUC, we are committed to “letting the people climb.” We want to share our experiences, our knowledge, our time, our motivation, and our resources with international climbing communities so that everyone is able to train well and safely enjoy climbing.

When you buy a PUC Project product or contract services through PUC series, you are helping climbing communities around the world. Part of all of our sales will be redistributed to communities that lack access to training, resources, and/or climbing education.

As our client, you form part of this project. Thank you for your support and participation.