I had the opportunity to conduct an interview with a great friend Luis Rodriguez for Teledeporte few weeks ago. I leave the video (in Spanish) for it to take a look. It has been a pleasure to do so.

Here you can see the entire video: 
http://www.rtve.es/m/alacarta/videos/evasion/?media=tve      Evasion – T5 – Program 7

(The program lasts 21 minutes and are three activities. Apart from the introduction,  our cooperation is of minute 9:40 until 16:02, but I encourage you to see everything!! It is very well done.)

I advance a couple of screenshots but for history and high-quality images, must be opened link

Training with Luis: a client, a friend, a travel companion

We all have different pasts but rock coincide with the same motivation and the same flow.

I hope you liked the video. Now, to climb! 
This weekend: 

Workshops, slideshow and climbing the project in Sweden alongside Adam Ondra.

The cost of competition- free today, gone tomorrow?
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