The other day I live a very critical moment in RRG, while the day was coming to an end, and forces to the limit but wanting more, a climber climbed “breakfast burrito” 5.10.d a classic Drive-by sector Crag….  route was not mounted on all, He is missing the last tape and the meeting had no carabiner. When the climber came to the meeting without chapar the last safe, and not wearing and … instead of downclimbing, he grabbed with one hand,the knot came loose and … he dropped the rope.

Good thing within your state of shock, We had time to climb, anchor and lower.

Just I ask to do things right,This climber nearly “kill oneself”, a fall from 20-25 m or kill you or you stay made a fried egg…

Now continue with our escalations!

chaining “thanatopsis”


First sends At Red River Gorge
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