Today the conditions in Oliana were right and things finally lined up; I’ve just sent Papichulo 9a+ and I can’t really describe what’s going on in my head right now.

This past week the poor weather conditions allowed me to train at home and I felt the renewed power transfer to the rock yesterday and today.

However, yesterday when I was almost at the top and so prepared to clip the chains a bit of a finger-pocket broke and caused me to slip off, preventing a send.

Fortunately, today things fell into place and I was able to send a great line, which happens to be a grade I haven’t sent in quite some time.

It has been an exciting process and I’m so proud of the progress. Psychologically it has been a bit a bit of a mental struggle to find that balance between being extremely motivated and not over-accelerated. I’m glad things fell into place today!

I’m already thinking about the next projects! One down, many more to go. The road back to the top is just beginning.

The Puctraining Temple , Laboratory training is underway
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