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He 8 October the 2011 I introduced my withdrawal from the world climbing high-level professional climber. After 21 years climbing and 8 years devoted body and soul to the competition, I decided I needed to stop and reflect on what happened at this time. They were incredible years, full of good and bad experiences, learning and experiences, that went beyond the physical and that determined who I was and who I am. I not only talk about climbing, but about life.

Overcoming my limits in competition, training and rock, They made me understand that life has meaning beyond the material. climbing, as I understand it, not letters and numbers, It not even has to do with records and trophies. It is a challenge, a personal requirement to fight against oneself in the pursuit of happiness. And that happiness is found only after fighting in the way of our own goals and objectives.

After a time away from climbing, I felt the need to share what those limits preconceived had taught me. How to get seemingly unattainable goals? How to understand that if you can? From hence comenzaria PUC Series… At the beginning as an idea that could not even be whispered, a short time a light that lit the way we travel so many, thereafter, It was like a ball of snow down hill which was growing by the day. Today I can be proud of the magnitude of this project.

PUC's mission is to share what they have learned Series and help climbers in all areas that make climbing. I want to help you climb more, best, optimizing your workout space, assisting with the best material, fully focusing on quality, with a single purpose: your happiness! Yes, that same, Ask yourself how a climber is happy, stringing, feeling stronger, getting better, enjoying .... And so it , the ways and means must be the best.

I want to contribute and give something back to the community of climbers. PUC Series consigue the holistic way, providing you with motivantes slideshows, workshops , efficient training schedules and tools to optimize space, Skin and time (TOMORROW) , as well as several other products designed to help you perform at your maximum climbing.

I sincerely PUC Series and I am committed to share with you all. Do not hesitate; We are the pen that writes our destiny. Write your own with PUC Series.

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