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I present some of my best recordings and films. Some of my greatest climbs and the occasional success, but above all very good friends, a lot of motivation and all want to rock the world…

Gather popcorn… and to enjoy!

PUC Series since our congratulations and our sincere congratulations to Adam Ondra, who is not only a faithful coworker, but it is also a great friend and a better person. 2019 It has been a historic year for him, in which it has become crowned as the new champion of the World of Trouble, He has been champion of the World Cup Climbing 2019 and he won the victory in the European Championship Climbing. And as, to obtain qualification for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

Congratulations Adam!

Adam Ondra: Best Moments 2019

Adam Ondra road to Tokyo: Olympic Combined Qualifier

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Patxi Usobiaga: Climbing Coach of Adam Ondra

La Sportiva Strange Heroes: Patxi Usobiaga

Champion of the World Climbing (China, 2009)

Chris Sharma trained by Patxi Usobiaga

Training with Dani Andrada, Edu Marín and Patxi Finalist

Pachamama, 9a+/b

Back to the Top, Part 2 – at pichulo, 9a+

Chris & Patxi training day

Patxi Finalist Training