PUC Series had a great time at the Outdoor Show in Freidrichshafen this summer. While there, we ran into Epic TV and Patxi was asked about some of his Top Pics at the show. 

The following are screen captures, courtesy of Epic TV. You can watch the full video in HD on their website:

First Patxi talks about the Black Diamond pipe dream backpack and the BD Solution harness

Next, Patxi gives his opinion on the Otaki and Skwama climbing shoes by La Sportiva. 

After “running into” one of our ambassadors, Adam Ondra, Patxi then shares his thoughts on the Tendon Master Pro rope. 

His last pick was of course our own stand where he got in a bit of campus training on our handmade PUC series holds. 

Thank you, Epic TV, for stopping by! It was great to catch up and show off some of our favorite products! 

“We caught up with Basque climber Patxi Usobiaga at the Outdoor trade show in Friedrichshafen to check out some of his favourite new products. The Black Diamond Pipe Dream backpack, Solution harness, La Sportiva Otaki and Skwama, and Tendon Master Pro rope were all top of the list for Patxi, as he made his way through the crowded trade show floor. And of course, we had to stop by Patxi’s own PUC Series training board for a quick session.”

-Epic TV

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Chris Sharma training with Puctraining
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