I just finished up the first for two workshops in Canada and it was so motivating to meet the psyched locals and to work with them on such an intimate level.

Below are some great shots captured by #pucseriesambassador, Javi Pec.

Participants work on improving physical and technical boulders.

As always, I encourage them to train their weaknesses…and most importantly, to have fun!

It is always great to see how participants use the #pucseries Il Domani board in these training workshops.

I explain several campus exercises and encourage participants to go outside of their comfort zones.

Years ago as a competitor I didn’t know that fate would lead me down the path to becoming a coach to climbers. However, sometimes life gives you blessings in disguise.

Sharing my experience and knowledge with others is my biggest motivator.

I’m always hopeful that these workshops make a change in the participants’ training routines and that in some small way I’m able to leave my mark in that climbing community.

With over 25 years of climbing experience and training under my belt, I still get excited watching the next generation train hard to reach their goals.

Thanks for a great workshop, guys!  

This past month I also had the opportunity to give a PUCtraining Workshop in Glasgow and I had such a great time! It was an intimate group and I personally got so motivated to train harder, climb harder, and send some new projects. I only hope that the participants got half as psyched as I did! 

I can’t wait to hear back from you guys about how you’ve been sending new projects!

The weekend long workshops are both practical and theoretical. By the end of the workshop, participants will have planned out a two-month training program with the PUC method.

In this particular workshop we took a motivational break to watch #pucseriesambassador, Adam Ondra, win the Work Championship finals!

There’s still time to sign- up for the 2nd workshop on From October 21-23 in Boulderz Climbing Centre, CANADA.

For questions and concerns related to this workshop please contact Boulderz.

I’m looking forward to the other activities coming up this month! If you are in Kentucky and Colorado, stay tuned for news on what’s going on in October!

PUCtraining Workshop at BoulderZ , in Toronto (Canada)
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