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If you’re still looking for ways to use your il Domani board, check out his video for a few workout and warmup ideas.

Speaking of videos, we have a whole list of must sees for you if you are snowed in, weathering out a rainy day, or just need a bit of training motivation.

A video of ambassador Jose Luis Palao “First” was recently released by ambassador Javi Pec in which he talks about finishing up 2016 with a record FULL of amazing red points and onsights.

Also, have you soon the latest funny video of #pucseriesambassador Adam Ondra? 

Don’t miss this video of #pucseriesambassador Luis Rodriguez climbing in Spain? 

Maybe you still haven’t seen the latest video of #pucseriesambassador Edu Marin in #Wogu. Go check it out!

Our ladies also left us with some great videos to share like Itziar Zabala bouldering in the north of Spain. (See the full video on the PUC Training Facebook page.)

If you didn’t catch this video of ambassador Daila Ojeda training with other Black Diamond athletes this past year, watch it here.

Someone else who’s been PUCtraining hard lately is Sasha DiGiulian. Here is her latest video from Yosemite Valley.

We’ll leave you with ur French Ambassador Seb Bouin never ceases to amaze with videos like these two.

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Warm up session
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