The 20 day journey with Sasha DiGiulian has begun.  
Sasha and I have climbed together and been working together long distance lately and she has come to Spain for a few weeks to specifically to train in person with me.

We’ve decided to do a short daily dairy of the sessions. If you’ve been interested in personalized training, follow this journey with us. You might be surprised by just how hard professional athletes work to reach and stay at the top.  (360 photo)

Day 1: 

First session: Campusing

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Day 1 #puctraining with @sashadigiulian ! To dead!

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Second session: Powerful and technical boulders followed by stretching.

5 hours of training today split between two gyms

Be sure to not miss this event at which Sasha and other #pucseriesambassadors like Adam Ondra, Daila Ojeda, Dani Andrada, Mark command, Cedric Junque, and other World Class climbers like Jan Hojer, Jernej Kruder and Juliane Wurm will be competing and/or routesetting.


If you are interested in a personalized campus design to take advantage of your small (or big) campus area, please write us!

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